In this page, we have listed down all the cheat codes available for subway surfers. Navigate our site to know about amazing tricks that happen after applying a cheat.

Subway surfers is a simple and fun game that will keep you on the edge of your chair for a long time. Game mechanics are simple and realistic and the good part it, everyone can play this game. If you have an old Android or IOS device, this game is compatible to run on every device. There are new locations with each update, weekly tournaments, Improved graphics, skins, new characters and much more. With all these amazing features there are some glitches/Cheats in the game too.

Note: These cheats may change with newer updates. We will update this page as soon as new updates have arrived.

Unlike some of the famous PC games, there is not a proper section in which you can enter subway surfer cheat codes. In most games, if you want to enter cheat codes then you have to open a cheat control box. There is no cheat control box to enter subway surfers cheat codes. So why every web on the internet states that they have subway surfers cheats?

Well, my friend, they all are click-baiting. There are no such things as subway surfer cheat codes or Subway Surfers Cheat Apk.

So why we have a separate page for subway surfers cheat? Because there are some glitches/Cheats that you can try. They may or may not work for you. So let’s dive in

Subway Surfers cheats 2018

Here we have listed all the working cheats that are available for subway surfers. These cheats are tested on Android and IOS smartphone devices. Follow the instructions carefully before applying any cheat.

As the name suggests, these cheat codes are all working in 2018. Follow instructions for every one of them and try out yourself to see if they work or not. Do let us know in the comment section.

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Subway surfers Time Travel

There are some amazing items that you can buy if you apply this cheat. It’s simple and bans free so cheer up. Go to the past and buy some amazing stuff.


  • Go to your smartphone device settings and click “Date and Time”
  • Set the time frame according to the following items

The timeframe for different characters 

October 3, 2012 Set this time for Zombie Jake
December 1, 2012 Set this time for Elf Tricky and Starboard
January 30, 2013 Set this time for Carmen and Toucan
April 5, 2013 Set this time for Kim and Outback
August 3, 2013 Set this time for Sun and Panda
September 9, 2013 Set this time for Alex and Teddy
October 31, 2013 Set this time for Eddy and Pumpkin
December 28, 2013 Set this time for Jamie and Snowflake
January 2, 2014 Set this time for Jay and Bengal
January 17, 2014 Set this time for Nick and Flamingo
February 10, 2014 Set this time for Mina and Bubblegum
February 20, 2014 Set this time for Tony and Liberty
April 1, 2014 Set this time for Rosa and Prickly
April 5, 2014 Set this time for Roberto and Kick-Off
May 8, 2014 Set this time for Olivia and Moose
May 24, 2014 Set this time for Harumi and Fortune
June 4, 2014 Set this time for Edison and Banana
June 26, 2014 Set this time for Coco and Rose

Subway Surfers Mega Jump

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Jetpack Jump is a cheat which allows you to jump higher then usual if you jump at the right moment.


  • Select jetpack
  • When the fuel’s about to end, swipe up quickly
  • Your character will jump in Air
Note: You can also swipe up when you’re about to pick up the last coin.

Subway surfers cheat unlimited coins

There are multiple ways to get unlimited coins in the game. You can try each one of the following methods to see if these work for you.

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Coin Doubler Jetpack

This jetpack allows the user to collect 2 coins while using.


  • Get super snicker power up
  • Get Jetpack

Coin Accelerator

You can also download a third party app on the play store to get coins in your account.


  • Go to the Google Play store
  • Search “Subway surfers cheats”
  • Download and install the application
  • Click on the button “Get free coins”

Get more coins

This method doesn’t work for us but you can try if its working or not.


  • Go to where you can get more coins
  • But this time buy coins 10 times
  • On the 11th time, you will get 1000000 coins.
Note: Don’t worry you will not get charged

These are the most working Subway surfers glitches that we found useful on the internet. Go ahead and try them yourself. Happy gaming! If you have any query, let us know in the comment section down below.