Here we have discussed some tips and tricks that will rank you higher on the weekly scoreboard without using any sort of hack file. Follow these instructions for a good and quality gaming experience.


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Subway surfers tips and tricks

Subway surfers is a pretty popular game, and we all want to score better than our friends and get a score. If you’re a newbie and you’ve played this game, it centers around a little kid who tags up the train. A cop who has a big breakfast in the morning starts chasing with his poodle dog.

He’s riding your back with his dog and if you make one wrong move, he will pick you at the neck and show you a beautiful cement room which has its own advanced and secure doors.

Note: There’s no bail in this cement room

 1. Be a pro with game controls

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No matter how good you think you are with the game controls, you are never going to get your highest score possible, within the first few times of playing the game. I recommend that you take a few tries to get used to the game mechanics with the game as well as the controls.

Game controls

  • Control Movement
  • Swipe UP Jump
  • Swipe Down Roll
  • Swipe Right Dash to the right
  • Swipe Left Dash to the left
  • Double tap Get a Hoverboard

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2. Stay on Top

subway surfers top, subway surfers roof top

If possible, stay on top of the trains giving a little rest to your thumb. The more you stay on top of the trains the better vantage point you have and you will be able to see what’s coming up ahead.

3. Complete Missions

subway surfers missions, subway surfers missions guide

This tip is very useful to upgrade your game items. You got to complete the missions as much as possible. You should start focusing on boosting your daily score. This can be done by completing a series of 3 Missions. These missions can be viewed from the pause screen within the game, or from the missions tab on the main menu. The highest you can get is the 30 points multiplayer bonus.

4. Use your Coins Wisely

subway surfers coins guide

This genre of an endless running game always has coins you can collect, and things you can spend them on. Collect coins as much as possible, but don’t get too greedy as you can knockdown yourself. Try to first upgrade your boost items rather than just buying skins. Skins don’t matter in the game, but upgrading your items to the top level will surely help you a lot.

5. Use hoverboard

subway surfers hoverboard, subway surfers hoverboard guide

If you’re on the higher score level, don’t run around on boots. It happens when you run around with no protection. You got to use hoverboards once you hit a decent amount of coins to keep you alive in case you make a wrong move.


These tips are the most effective once to make 2 million coins on a single run. Getting to 2 million coins is not an easy part. You have to constantly play this game for over half an hour.

But it’s worth it when your score levels are high on weekly tournaments. Also, make sure to relax, its just a game. Don’t get way too much panic when you hit 1 million coins, try to relax, stay on top of the trains, relax your thumb and do what you did Again. If you want a shortcut method to earn unlimited coins and keys then have a look at Subway Surfers Mod Apk.